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modular test systems

Legacy replacement

MARCONI MIDATA 510/11 – Wayne Kerr 3900 Legacy Replacement

Launched in the 1980’s the Marconi Instruments Midata 510/11 and the Wayne Kerr 3900 were very successful bench-top test systems. With 21 slots, the systems offered analogue in-circuit and both digital and analogue functional test capability.

MARCONI-MIDATA-1Both products have been out of production for many years and spare parts are difficult to obtain. However, depending on system configuration, we may have a solution.

We have software that is able to translate your existing test programs, and a range of hardware products that offer a flexible test solution to both your legacy products and those for the future.

These systems are based on products supplied by Marvin Test Systems who have a long history in solving legacy test issues.