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Legacy test replacement

Legacy Replacement Systems

Commercial ATE functional systems made their first appearance in the market place over 30 years ago.These systems were made by a number of companies including Teradyne, GenRad, Marconi and Wayne Kerr.

These testers were all based on proprietary digital, analogue, and switching architectures. These systems were deployed by a wide range of customers for the functional test and verification of high value, mission critical products.

All of these test systems have been out of production for over 10 years with maintenance and repair support by the OEM unavailable. However, the products (and their derivatives) originally tested on these platforms are still in use and need to be maintained.

We are able to offer test automation systems based on standardised, modular card architectures (VXI and PXI), offering users the flexibility to reconfigure and adapt the test system for a range of applications as needed. In particular, the PXI architecture, when combined with comprehensive test program migration tools, offers the required functionality associated with these legacy platforms while providing advanced test capabilities for next generation products.

The following pages explain which systems we are able to offer solutions.