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Flex Modules

Cable Test Modules

Flex cable test module

Flex-Cable Test Module


  • Capable of complex testing – high voltage, component testing, and more.
  • Low cost – Affordable for small workshops, scalable for larger operations.
  • Quick test setup – Adaptor system provides inexpensive, interchangeable fixturing.
  • Fast testing – Efficient algorithms reduce time on testing.
  • Expandable for large assemblies – up to 1024 test points, in steps of 128.
  • Easy to use – No advanced skills or training necessary to begin use
  • Integrated software – Control of the cable test module is seamless and is contained within the normal TestStand / LabVIEW environment.
  • Self Learn – Various parameters of the learn feature can be set. As an example, electrical components within the network can be
    included or excluded.
Flex Cable Test Module
Flex-Cable test module datasheet

The CABLE TEST module integrates easily into any of our range of FLEX test systems.