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Flex 40 modular test system

Modular Test Systems

Dual bay Flex 40 for larger Generic Test Systems

Flex 40 ATE

The Flex 40 is generally suited to the larger Generic Test Systems. A Flex 40 is a dual bay version of the Flex 30 that gives us the ability to fit a wide range of external instrumentation, PXI, custom modules and large fixture interfaces. Generally it is fitted with the VPC G12x Interface but this can be changed to suit the requirement.

A typical system could consist of

  • Industrial Rack Mount PC with up to 13 expansion slots
  • PXI Chassis up to 18 Slots
  • YAV Relay cards mounted in the VPC Interface
  • In-Circuit Programming Module or JTAG Controller
  • Rack Mount Instruments and Power Supplies

The VPC Interface will take our standard Functional Test Boxes or a Bed of Nails fixtures (CAM or Pneumatically Operated).

Loaded software can include

  • Teststand – Our Main Operating Environment
  • Flexstand – Easily Create amazing Operator Interfaces
  • Flex Drivers – Simple to use Drivers designed to make programming easy
  • Flex Data Analyser – Get all the statistics on your Logged Test Results.