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Legacy replacement systems

Legacy Test Systems

Legacy Support

ATE Solutions has purchased the business for a range of legacy ATE equipment that operated under the company names of Aeroflex, IFR and Marconi Instruments. This includes the transfer of the existing service personnel.

We can offer support for the following systems:

  • MIDATA 510, 511, 515 and 5300 Bench top combinational testers
  • 5200 Series MDA testers
  • 4200, 4210, 4220 and 4250 series In-Circuit testers
  • 5800 , 5820 , 5860 series PXI based combinational testers

We deliver worldwide support for both FLEX and Legacy ATE systems, working with our international partners as required to offer the best service to our customers.

With a dedicated service team combining well over 100 years of ATE maintenance experience, we offer a variety of options to best suit your needs:

Ad hoc

Repairs, maintenance, calibration and support is paid for as required.

Standard call-out and on-site fees.

Parts supplied on an exchange or repair basis.

Calibration only contracts

Annual on-site calibration and preventative
maintenance for your system.

Additional support and
parts provided on an ‘
Ad Hoc’ basis.

Pot funded

Annual on-site calibration and preventative maintenance for your system.

A  service pot fund that can be used when a system develops a fault. This means we can respond instantly without the delay in diagnosing the problem and arranging order cover for time and parts.

Discounts on repairs and part exchanges.

Any pot fund money remaining at the end of the agreement carries over to the fund for the following  year.

Gold contracts

For selected test systems, we can offer an annual contract that covers unlimited parts and labour for a single annual payment.

Please contact our Sales or Service team to discuss your requirements:

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