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Military & Defence

Military & Defence

A.T.E. Solutions

When Precision Matters in the Military & Defence sector

ATE Solutions is a leading, high-reliability test solutions provider to the Military and Defence sector.

New products and innovations are challenged by a need for increased testing as they become more complex, automated and integrated. Lives and national security may depend on systems and mission critical devices running smoothly at all times. To ensure flawless functionality the Military and Defence sector demands test to the highest standards of accuracy, quality and reliability. ATE Solutions specialise in designing and building test solutions that have “designed in” replaceable technology based on standardised, modular card architectures (e.g. PXI), offering users the flexibility to reconfigure and adapt the test system for a range of applications as needed.

ATE Solutions works with some of the most advanced defence and military organisations to supply flexible automated test solutions of the ultimate quality and performance, featuring the highest specification instruments and the most reliable of interfaces, all designed to last well beyond the products’ obsolescence.

Our test solutions for the military & defence industry include solutions for:

  • Radio & Communications Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Signals Intelligence
  • Missile Systems
  • Radar & Satellite Systems
  • Lasers
ATE Solutions modular test systems
Modular test systems

A range of scalable and affordable test systems for analogue and digital applications.

ATE Solutions test applications
Test applications

With over 2500 applications in service, we have the staff and experience to solve your test problems.

Legacy ATE Test Equipment replacement
legacy replacement

Hardware and software solutions for old test systems such as Teradyne, GenRad, Marconi and Wayne Kerr.

ATE Solutions customer support
customer support

With 13 application engineers located on two sites in the UK, we have the resource available to support you now and in the future.

test solutions for power industry


As energy producing technology becomes more complex, ATE Solutions are providing the systems to test this technology

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