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Modular Test Systems



FLEXSTAND is a simple to use and flexible interface that significantly reduces the development time of operator interfaces requiring only basic programming skills. By using FLEXSTAND you can create simple or advanced operator interfaces in hours instead of weeks. A specially designed interface (API) hides all the complex TestStand properties and methods that usually make the task of creating operator interfaces difficult.

Dynamic Operator interfaces can easily be created that change the User Interface to the task being performed. Not only that the product automatically adjusts the size of the user Interface to fit the size of the LabVIEW™ front panel.

FLEX TESTVIEW – collects, stores and analyses production test results and offers easy access through its web based user interface.

A web based result analysis provides a quick overview of key production performance and product quality indicators in real time. The collection and structured storing of production test data provides you with easy access to key results by setting up appropriate search parameters in the user interface.