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Fully Automated in-line test system for LED light engines

We are pleased to announce that we have received an order for the supply of a fully automated in-line test system for testing LED light engines from ASD Lighting, based in Rotherham.

The solution provided, consists of an in-line handler fitted with a vision system. The camera software is capable of learning the position of all LED’s on a new pcb, thereby reducing the time to introduce a new product. In addition to identifying the location of any missing or faulty LED’s the tester measures the colour temperature of every pcb. An image is taken of faulty units with the location of any missing LED’s identified.

The system can test for both the presence of and colour temperature of LEDs.  Camera software learns the position of all LEDs, thereby reducing the time to introduce a new product into the test phase of production. Once the position of the LEDs is confirmed, the tester measures the colour temperature and LED Presence to a stored Intensity level. An image of any faulty board is stored on the system with faulty LED’s automatically circled. Fast throughput and easy integration were assured by using a 6TL-34 In-line handler.

LED Lighting products are poised to replace legacy lighting systems in many indoor and outdoor lighting applications. These units are being produced in increasing numbers, requiring fast, effective and efficient means of in-line production testing to verify that they  are working correctly.

Take a look at the video below.

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