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Modular test systems

ATE modular test

Power Transmission Case Study

Safety is always the primary concern when it comes to designing and implementing test solutions for electrical and electronic products. The test operator must

ATE modular test

Drive to create Hybrids

Protean Electric has been moving its EV in-wheel motor from the development stage into mass production. As part of this process it has needed

ATE modular test

ATE Solutions Order Book Goes from Strength to Strength

It’s been a busy couple of months. I know we said that in our last blog, but it’s more true than usual. The demand

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Customised Test Solutions

For over 30 years, ATE Solutions has helped countless companies with complete customised test solutions, from system design and build to fixturing and test software.

ATE modular test

Why Test is More Important Than Ever?

Should you test to weed out production faults or refine your manufacturing process?

Some people see the real value of test. They understand that an

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Problem Solving in TEST – An ATE Solutions Case Study.

The test function has always been among the most challenging processes in electronics manufacturing. How can test equipment keep ahead of the subassemblies it needs

ATE modular test

FLEX 10 – Lite added to range

The Flex 10 is the entry level functional test system in our FLEX platform range. The Flex 10 – Lite has been developed

ATE modular test

NEW Vision Module Available

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Automatic Vision Module as part of our range of multi-functional FLEX test systems. It will

ATE modular test


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new range of test systems.

The FLEX range of testers offers a number of modular systems