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Latest News from ATE Solutions

Customised Test Solutions

For over 30 years, ATE Solutions has helped countless companies with complete customised test solutions, from system design and build to fixturing and test software.

Our FLEX test systems allow us to apply your test requirements to a solution delivering increased flexibility, greater performance, and lower cost.

These modern, modular ATE systems can be configured to replicate the functions of a legacy tester for comfort and familiarity, while being easier to operate with contemporary software and user interfaces. They can also feature the latest instrumentation to expand or speed up the test.

Our services include:

  • Design for test analysis
  • Building of test systems
  • Writing of test programs
  • Installation / commissioning
  • Supplying training and documentation
  • Customised Test Fixtures

Peace of Mind

Working with a manufacturer who has the background of 2500 installations and longstanding partners including National Instruments and JTAG Technologies, insures problem solving expertise that delivers the right solution the first time, and long term support in the future.