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Flex 30 modular test system

Modular Test Systems

Flex 30 ATE – A popular combination of Flex 10 and Flex 20 in a compact footprint

Flex 30 ATE

A combination of both the Flex 10 and 20 system, the Flex 30 is floor mounted system that maintains a small footprint whilst offering that useful additional space. Generally it is fitted with either the G12 or G12X VPC interface allowing a large number of mixed signal connections to be routed to the test fixture.

A typical system could consist of

  • Industrial Rack Mount PC with up to 13 expansion slots
  • PXI Chassis up to 18 Slots
  • YAV Relay cards mounted in the VPC Interface
  • In-Circuit Programming Module or JTAG Controller
  • Rack Mount Instruments and Power Supplies

The VPC Interface will take our standard Functional Test Boxes or a Bed of Nails fixtures (CAM or Pneumatically Operated).

Loaded Software can include

  • Teststand – Our Main Operating Environment
  • Flexstand – Easily Create amazing Operator Interfaces
  • Flex Drivers – Simple to use Drivers designed to make programming easy
  • Flex Data Analyser – Get all the statistics on your Logged Test Results