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Legacy replacement systems

Modular Test Systems

FLEX 50 modular tester for final test of LRU’s

Flex 50 modular Test system - ATE Solutions

The FLEX 50 is designed for customers that prefer a traditional 19” rack format system. The system can be configured with a range of analogue, digital, mixed-signal, and avionics test modules.

Flex 50 Interface

Flexibility is the key with system Interfacing. With a wide variety of connectors and cables available for testing final products the ability to “mix and match” is very important.

The FLEX 50 might typically be fitted with VPC Interfaces that range from the 12 slot (G12) to the 75 Slot (9075) and cable connection solutions such as the iCon. All our solutions are designed for a long trouble free life and offer the best in Signal Integrity when mixing Analogue , Digital ,High Current, RF etc.