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Module testing

Modular Test Systems

FLEX Modular Test Systems

Modular testing requirements come in all shapes and sizes. It is therefore important that we are able to match your requirement with a suitable ATE System. At ATE Solutions, we have a range of modular test and test automation products to choose from, with a tester to suit every situation.

Expandable Test Systems

Our range of FLEX modular test systems allows us to offer you a product that meets your needs for today and is fully expandable to cover future products.

Excellent signal integrity

All systems use the industry standard Virginia Panel Interface, allowing a large array of signals to be connected to the device under test with excellent signal integrity for the life of the product. With switching cards that fit directly into the VPC Interface we can offer the very best in signal integrity, reliability and cost performance.

Our modular testing systems

Our FLEX range of modular test systems includes a solution for every test requirement. Choose from four different tester options:

Flex 10 offers an entry level system where minimal test resource is required. Bench mounted, this system offers a very cost effective solution to the Cell based production method.

Flex 20 allows a larger amount of test equipment to be incorporated within the system, but maintains a minimal footprint on the shop floor.

Flex 30 is our most popular choice, offering a chassis design that allows a lot to be packed in but is also a good ergonomic fit into most factory layouts.

Flex 40 offers a dual bay solution when either the unit under test is large, or the amount of test equipment required demands more space.

A unique mix of test resources

All Flex test systems employ a mix of test resources that are uniquely configured to suit the application. We can provide solutions based on PXI, LXI, GPIB and YAV Technologies. JTAG Boundary Scan Controllers can be integrated into both the hardware and software of the ATE. Test software is TestStand and LabVIEW™, with bolt on software products such as Flexstand that simplify programming.

Legacy Test Replacement

Our modern, modular ATE systems can be configured to replicate the functions of a legacy tester for comfort and familiarity, while being easier to operate with contemporary software and user interfaces. They can also feature the latest instrumentation to expand or speed up the test.

We’d like to help achieve your module testing needs…

Whatever your needs, we can provide modular testing resources to get the job done. Call us on +44 (0)1604 369000 or email to discuss which system is right for you.