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In circuit testing

Test Applications

In-Circuit Testing

If you are looking for in-circuit test applications, equipment or advice, our experienced engineers can help you. Whatever your fixturing requirements or special software features, our long history of work in this field means that we have probably seen and done it before.


Experienced engineers

If you are looking for expert assistance with your in-circuit testing, we can help. Having supplied these solutions since the mid 90s, our engineers have the experience that matters. We can take a project through from raw CAD information, to installing fully commissioned test programs and fixtures on your premises. Whatever your needs, we will design a test program and fixtures to meet your particular requirements.

Our in-circuit test products

We are an approved supplier of in-circuit test programs and fixtures for the Marconi / Aeroflex range of 42xx test systems. These in-circuit testers provide up to 2048 test channels for both analogue and digital PCBs.

If you have any questions about our products, contact us to discuss the most suitable software and fixtures for your needs.

Design for Test

In-Circuit testing is highly dependent on test access for Bed of Nail fixtures as is test pad shape, size and the density of test access points. We like to work with our customers on DFT issues using analysis tools such as Testway to provide reports that show accurate test coverage and enable efficient, reliable Bed of Nails fixtures to be produced. Stress plots can be generated at the design stage that show any excessive stress before the bed of nails is built. Modern boards are now rarely fully testable using a single test strategy so we can look at the effect on coverage using a multi test strategy approach that could include AOI, JTAG Boundary Scan, etc for improved coverage.

Contact us for assistance with in-circuit testing

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