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Problem Solving in TEST – An ATE Solutions Case Study.

The test function has always been among the most challenging processes in electronics manufacturing. How can test equipment keep ahead of the subassemblies it needs to validate? Evidence exists to show that it can be done. Northamptonshire-based ATE Solutions has been leading the test challenge for almost 30 years. The company has evolved with the test sector and has helped to drive and shape that evolution to become the UK’s leading provider of Automatic Electronic Test solutions. 

The ATE Solutions range of modular functional test systems successfully address most of the challenges presented by modern circuit technology. They deliver the validation required by manufacturers of some of the world’s most critical electronics assemblies used in sectors from avionics, aerospace and defence to medical devices. Built on PXI instrumentation platforms and typically deploying industry-standard test interface hardware, the company’s Flex products are used in an impressive array of applications across the UK.

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