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Latest News from ATE Solutions

ATE Solutions Completes a Century

100 ATE systemsNo, we’re not quite that old yet, but we have seen the delivery of our 100th FLEX ATE system plus a few more besides.

We are rather proud. It’s a significant achievement for a system that made its debut just 8 years ago, and we like to think it pays testament to our design, manufacturing quality and customer support that sales continue to go from strength to strength. We firmly believe we’ll be celebrating our double century before too long!

Most customers now enjoy multiple systems. With 17 installations at one rail industry supplier, 10 in place at a respected sub-contract manufacturer, and an ever- growing presence at a major industrial electronics company it’s easy to see how we’ve reached such an impressive total. Our most recent installations were at a very well-known aerospace company and a global renewable energy supplier. We like to think this demonstrates the confidence shown in FLEX solutions across an exciting range of industry sectors in the UK and worldwide.

Every FLEX system has at least one, and often several test applications which are usually supplied by ATE Solutions too. With tests ranging from simple LED checks to enormously complex high-speed video analysis, we have found plenty of challenges to keep us on our technological toes.

The enhancement of our ATE service team this year continues to ensure that all systems and applications are well supported, from routine calibrations to rapid fault fixing and upgrades. As ever, long term partnerships remain key to our business and underpin our continued growth. So much so, that despite 2021 being another uncertain year in so many ways, it will again be a record one for ATE Solutions.