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Latest News from ATE Solutions

ATE Solutions Limited Achieves Milestone Acquisition by Bergman & Beving

Earlier this year, ATE Solutions the UK’s leading provider of custom designed and built test automation solutions for the electronics industry, underwent a strategic acquisition by Bergman & Beving, a renowned public company listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange. The acquisition, completed on February 3rd, 2023, has shaped a new chapter in ATE Solutions Limited’s journey.

Bergman & Beving is a well-established company group specialising in acquiring and developing leading companies within niche markets. With a commitment to providing productive, safe, and sustainable solutions to the industrial and construction sectors, Bergman & Beving aligned perfectly with the values and mission of ATE Solutions Limited.

The acquisition by Bergman & Beving has provided substantial financial backing to ATE Solutions Limited, empowering the company to not only sustain but accelerate its growth trajectory. This strategic move positioned ATE Solutions Limited to expand its activities in both domestic and international markets.

As part of the acquisition, Steve Lees, the former Managing Director of ATE Solutions Limited, transitioned to the role of Technical Director. The company recently welcomed Dean Kavanagh as the new Managing Director, infusing fresh perspectives into the management team.

Day-to-day operations have continued seamlessly since the acquisition. The existing management team, along with the dedicated staff, remained in place, emphasising business continuity and maintaining the high standards synonymous with ATE Solutions Limited.

Looking back at this significant event, ATE Solutions Limited acknowledges the positive impact of joining forces with Bergman & Beving. With a vision for sustained success, innovation, and excellence, the company looks forward to the opportunities and growth potential afforded by this strategic partnership.