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ATE Solutions Completes a Century

No, we’re not quite that old yet, but 2021 has seen the delivery of our 100th FLEX ATE system plus a few more

How to Choose a Service Contract

Capital equipment is almost always a long- term investment. Once in place it will need to provide the output that justified its cost, which

New Support Services for Aeroflex, IFR and Marconi Instruments ATE

ATE Solutions are now providing a comprehensive range of support services for legacy ATE equipment provided by Aeroflex, IFR and Marconi Instruments.


What is Functional Test?

Deciding on a test strategy for your electronic product needs some careful thought. All testing comes at a cost, at very least in production

Power Transmission Case Study

Safety is always the primary concern when it comes to designing and implementing test solutions for electrical and electronic products. The test operator must

Total Test Solutions for Aircraft – Brake-By-Wire

When it comes to Aerospace and Avionics engineering there is literally no room for compromise. Product failure is not an option, so standards for

Russell Poppe appointed as Business Development Manager

ATE Solutions, the UK’s leading provider of modular and scalable test solutions for the electronics industry, announces the appointment of Russell Poppe as Business

Looking to the future

As we move from summer into autumn and into the traditionally busy last third of the year, we can look back at a demanding

Drive to create Hybrids

Protean Electric has been moving its EV in-wheel motor from the development stage into mass production. As part of this process it has needed